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Jan 20, 2013 7:00am PST
already getting underway this morning. the first event was joe biden, who was just sworn in at the naval observatory by justice johnia sotomayor. >> so help me good. >> -- so help me god >> reporter: later, the president will be sworn in, in a private ceremony. it is in the constitution that the big event takes place on the 20th. yesterdawas a national day of service which is an addition for martin luther king day which takes place tomorrow. the president and first lady helped do repair work at a local school. >>> there were quite a few balls and events going on. we stopped by the inauguration bash and i dot to speak to nancy pelosi and john garamandi, to find out what they need to do to reese deuce bipartisanship. >> we will get one more, 50 new democrats and our message to them is to reach out to the republican colleague and try to find common ground. >> i hope we can pull this off. the country has to move beyond the artificial christ cease. >> reporter: also -- crises. >> reporter: there was a concert last night. alicia keys, bradley paisley and the cast of agree. >>> as i mentioned,
Jan 19, 2013 7:00am PST
schedule of the events. vice president joe biden will be sworn in at 5:30 our time in washington dc and president obama will be sworn in at 8:30 on sunday morning. the public swearing in until at 8:30 and then followed by the ceremony and the ball. we will have live reports beginning here tomorrow morning on mornings on 2. >>> as the 49ers continue to prepare for the big game tomorrow, one of the stars is accused of assaulting a woman last sunday morning. the police say the incident happened last week just hours after beating the packers. >>> i can't go into details on the investigation, it is still active and ongoing. what i can tell you is that we did interview mr. crabtree. he was co-optive. >> the fans say they are stunned and want more information before reaching a conclusion. >> shocked. hopefully, they will take the win and go from there. >> no matter what, the team will do a great job on sunday. >> 49er's players and coaches arrived tomorrow. crabtree is with the team and is expected to play. >> this statement was released. the 49ers are taking this matter seriously. we will
Jan 25, 2013 7:00am PST
newsroom with a shift in how the administration is selling its message. >> reporter: joe biden is shying away from the assault weapons ban today and is focusing on requiring background checks and limiting those high capacity magazines. he also wants to provide more funding for states dealing budge cuts. he is back off the proposed assault weapons ban while speaking in richmond virginia. california senator diane feinstein introduced a bill yesterday to ban 150 types of guns. it would also ban magazines that can fire more than ten rounds at a time. she said it'll be a uphill battle. it didn't take long for republicans to fire back. the former house speaker said democratl want to extend the power of the government over people and the ban won't fix the real problem. >> that is not looking seriously at mental health, at violent games, at violent movies, a variety of things. >> reporter: the round table today is one of many stops plans for themmaa round the country. they want to win people over in progun states. >> for digging has gun at a well in the central valley where thousands of bone pie
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3